Big Bubba

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I made it through surgery yesterday. The doctor was surprised to find that my rotator cuff was fine, but the biceps tendon was completely torn. He repaired it with 3 stitches and cleaned up the whole area. He thinks this surgery will give me lots of relief, but saw that some of my bone had been worn away because of the torn tendon. This will probably give me problems later, and might mean more surgery. We'll worry about that later. It took me a long time to wake up enough to go home and I'm still pretty groggy. The nurse says this is normal. I am allowed to move my shoulder as much as possible, but I can not do any twisting motion with my hand. No opening jars or turning faucets. I also can't lift anything. I will wear the sling when I want, and I have a pain pump in that releases numbing medicine every hour into the shoulder. I will have a check up next Tues. and then we'll be on our way to my mom's. Thanks to everybody for praying.