Big Bubba

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The arms of the cross

We all know what the cross stands for, but have we really looked at in all aspects? When you look at the cross, what do you see? How about a body with 2 arms open wide?
When I was a kid I would run to my father. He opened his arms and accepted me. Our father in heaven does the same. God's word says we should try to be like Jesus. How can we even start if we have our arms folded?
Growing up in church my whole life, I have seen good Christians lose sight of what God did because they got too comfortable. They always did everything the same way until they lost sight and became tunnel visioned and their arms got more and more folded. It's as if we become like hermits. We see what is going on around us. We see people who need the Lord, but our arms are closed and we are unapproachable. How many of us are willing to befriend and live amongst the lost? I am not saying we should become like them, but how can they see Christ's work in our lives if we are closed off? Jesus went out and found the lost. He didn't sit in some temple and say, if they want to find me...they know where to come. No, he lived with them and met them where they were. As we learn to love like Christ, we must become open. We must open up our lives so people can see Christ's love through us.
I used to be closed off. I got hurt and was used and broken. I took a down hill spin to the bottom. At that point, I had to run back to Jesus. His arms were still open wide. It didn't matter what I had done. When I became a Dad, I finally began to understand what love really is. I love my son with open arms no matter what he does. That is true love.
So, are we going to hide in every day life, or are we going to let people experience God's love through us? Don't be afraid of change. Change is a natural process.
When I was 16 or17, my church had a problem reaching the lost. We passed out tracks, we canvased the neighborhoods, but we still weren't reaching people. People came up with lots of excused why it wasn't working. Now, I don't know if it was planned, but one Sunday a guest speaker came. He said people won't come to church if they don't feel loved. He then stood with his arms opened wide and asked the crowd what they saw. A cross....
Are we showing people crossed arms, or the open arms of the cross?